Shame On You......

Hi Folks...I am so looking forward to snuggling up on the sofa tonight and watching a bit of telly....can't wait for tonight's X Factor.....who is going to be voted off and wooo..hooo...Robbie is back and Alexandra Burke too.....why.. for a girl who is not in the least bit into TV I absolutely hooked on this programme....and I sincerely hope that Miss "Big Mouth" Minogue is made to apologise publicly for her cruel and vindictive remarks to Danyl or even better booted back to whence she came....what an absolute disgrace....poor guy was mortified and what really makes me sad...was the smug smarmy look on her face....she enjoyed every minute of humiliating this guy on live TV.....this silly woman has absolutely no talent and how sad that someone would stoop so low just to get their name in the headlines ....well for your information Miss "Two-Bit Celebrity..with A Famous Sister".....I for one don't give a stuff what his sexual preferences are.
Catch up with you all tomorrow.....on the trials and tribulations of being an OLD CODGER.
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx
Edited to add: well pardon me....for being offended at what was apparently just a bit of fun banter...and Simon had over-reacted.....who are they trying to kid.....the look on Danyl's face last night told the truth....and I bet Carol is overcome with joy....the twits...sorry twins are still in.